Home Staging Ideas Updating The Kitchen

Creating a stylish kitchen has turned into a costly American obsession, with the average remodel costing tens of thousands of dollars. For the majority of us dealing with a slowing economy, a credit crunch and rising gas prices, the idea of a pricey kitchen remodel might not be at our list these days. That doesnt mean you have to live with the kitchen you have until the limping economy bounces back. There are home staging ideas costing $200 or less that can still help transform your current kitchen that well present well on the market.

Step 1
Paint. If you have a small budget and want to make a big impact, wall color will do it. For the cost of a few gallons of paint, you can easily change the look and feel of your kitchen. Remember while selling your home it is crucial that you use bright and neutral colors. You are trying to sell your house and not your personality. Dutch Boy offers a new Refreshing paint with exclusive Arm & Hammer odor-eliminating technology that actually removes common household airborne odors, making it ideal for the kitchen.

Step 2
Hardware. Have your kitchen cabinets seen there last day? Cabinets can easily be brought back to life with a coat of primer and paint, and so can out dated cabinet hardware. If youre willing to a little work and purchase an inexpensive can of spray paint, you can transform any handle or knob into a new one. There are a variety of metallic spray paints available such as chrome, copper, brass and satin nickel that mimic the look of these expensive finishes. Buying brand new hardware can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand, (depending on the quality).

Step 3
Backsplash. The kitchen backsplash can easily serve as the focal point of a kitchen, if its done with care.

A contractors cost to install an average-sized kitchen backsplash can run upwards of $1000 for labor alone. Rather than using tile, consider installing pressed tin ceiling tiles. Apply adhesive found at your local home improvement store to the backs of the tiles and simply press them onto the wall behind the stove or sink. You can also create the illusion of an expensive backsplash by using self-adhesive linoleum floor tiles that look like stone or marble.

Step 4
Sink and Faucet. Replacing an old, scratched sink is easier and cheaper than you might think. While real porcelain might be out of your budget, many stainless steel and acrylic options can be purchased for less than $100 .While youre at it, dont forget about updating the faucet.

Step 5
Lighting. It might not be the first thing you think of when updating a kitchen, but updating existing lighting fixtures is a simple way to add style without spending a lot of money. Changing out old ceiling fans and light covers is an easy step in preparing a kitchen for sale. For about $50, you might also want to consider adding under-cabinet lighting fixtures that plug directly into existing electrical outlets and mount to the underside of your cabinets.

Let us take a look at 7 of the most popular kitchen
countertop materials being used today:

Granite – A natural stone, granite is a popular choice for its classic beauty and longevity. Granite is the densest of the natural stones. It can create a kitchen countertop that is extremely scratch resistant and can keep its shine longer than most materials.

Marble Another natural stone, marble is considered to be the height of elegance and will last longer than most kitchens. It is however very expensive and requires some maintenance: acidic foods such as limejuice will etch the finished surface of a marble kitchen countertop.

Slate Because of it richness and beauty slate is usually used in interior applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks or fireplace surrounds. It can be used in either modern or traditional kitchens as well as in combination with marble. Slate is durable, strong, and can withstand hard use. It is also less expensive than marble and granite.

Concrete This is one of the biggest trends in kitchen countertops today. It is a good look for clean, industrial and contemporary kitchen designs. Available in pre formed sections or poured and formed on-site. Concrete kitchen countertops are expensive, require a sealant and must be treated with care. The countertop can crack if the concrete should contract. Concrete can be stained any color. The most popular color is a natural gray tone. The top layer can be finished as desired.

Corian A solid surface material that first became popular in the nineties, it is highly recommended by kitchen countertop experts. It is a totally manmade product and is not porous. As a solid surface it can easily be repaired if scratched or burned.

Stainless Steel Advantages include very hygienic, easy to clean, having ability to stand up to extreme wear and heat. Stainless steel can provide a great look for an ultra modern kitchen. Some disadvantages with stainless is that it can be noisy and that scratches can develop.

Tile Tile surfaces can be tough, hardwearing, takes hot pans, heat and stain resistant as well as beautiful. There are many types of tiles including ceramic, porcelain, quarry, glass, natural stone and mosaic, which are available in many colors, sizes and textures. Tile can often be used for trim or backsplashes. The downside of tile is that the grouts can be easily stained. Also the tiles can become chipped or cracked.