Home Improvements – 6 Qualities Painting Contractors Must Have

Commercial painters are essential to people with little free time, or no artistic skills. If you live in Washington State, painting contractors in Seattle are glad to help you out with your remodeling projects. Just make sure that the professionals you hire deliver satisfying services, and offer the following qualifications.

  1. Proof of Insurance – Painting contractors in Seattle should present you with proof of insurance. The company should also have a state license. You do not want to be held responsible when a work accident occurs on your property.
  2. Green solutions – Modern professionals will take the environment into consideration. Materials will be eco-friendly, and the team members are trained in the latest, safest techniques. The company should also be affiliated with IUPAT union training facilities. Their spray booths are monitored by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and checked frequently by an inspector.
  3. Color matching – Skilled painting contractors in Seattle are able to match wall colors to samples given to them by their customers. They know several techniques to tackle this task.
  4. Quality materials – Established painting contractors in Seattle will never use inferior materials. Sure, they can save a few dollars, but the customer will not be pleased, as the paint job will be disappointing. Customer satisfaction always comes first.
  5. Multiple services – You know that you are dealing with a true professional painting company when you can request more than simple interior or exterior wall painting. A well-known painting contractor will also install wall coverings, complete wall upholstery, and has a state-of-the-art temperature controlled down-draft dual Plenum spray booth. This equipment piece will allow the contractor to apply paint to almost any surface.
  6. Complete satisfaction – To establish and maintain an impeccable reputation, true painting contractors in Seattle will go the extra mile. They will go beyond the call of duty to complete a project successfully. According to advertising experts, word of mouth is still the most effective way to promote a business, and contractors know it! Hauge & Hassain are painting contractors in Seattle specializing in interior painting, exterior painting, wall covering installation, and stain-lacquer pre-finishing. Visit their website for more information. ( http://www.haugeinc.com )