Trapped on the Road and Playing Poker

Last week I was stuck in my car for hours because of a weather emergency. The roads became covered with ice and snow, and at the time I was on the highway. All of the cars slowed down to a stop, and no one was able to move. I was coming home from work at the time, and I figured that I would only be stuck in traffic for a couple of hours at most, but I was there for over six hours. There was nothing I could really do except listen to the radio and go to to make some bets on poker games.

For the first few minutes, it seemed as if sitting in traffic was nothing. After 15 minutes passed, I was getting worried, and after 30 I was annoyed. I heard various reports on the radio about road crews working to make sure that the the ice and show would be cleared so that everyone could move along, but they weren’t exactly clear on how long it would take. By the time an hour had passed, I took my tablet out of the glove compartment and started playing some poker.

After a couple of hours, I was getting hungry. I some bags of chips, some pastries, and a couple of bottle of water in the car, but I was really craving a full meal. The nearest restaurant was too far away for me to walk to it on foot and make it back to my car without freezing. I guess this is one of those times where drone delivery would have come in handy. Since I couldn’t leave my car on for the entire six hours, I turned it on and off periodically so that I could use the heater. The poker games helped keep my mind off of the cold for a bit.

My Boss is in a Lot of Trouble

Of course my boss is the boss here because of the ring on his finger. This place is one of many things that his wife’s family owns. She comes from a long line of rich people. However they do not like any of their money going to pay for thousands and thousands of dollars worth of Las Vegas escorts. It took them some time to figure out what had happened, but the boss went to Las Vegas for a trade show and it seems that he remembered a lot of his bad habits while he was there. If he had just done it the one time I suspect that he would have gotten away with it. However he seems to have found one that had a lot of cocaine and the two of them took that company credit card on a really wild ride. Continue reading “My Boss is in a Lot of Trouble”