The 3 best stocks of renewable energy in 2021

For many stocks in the Trends Of Green Energy Stocks sector, 2021 has not been a particularly good year on the stock market so far. Since the spring, many stock prices have fallen. In the long run, the growing importance of renewable energy is undoubtedly certain. But some stocks are already performing relatively well again.

If you want to invest specifically in renewable energy, you should take a look at the following stocks and, of course, energy company reviews.

Top 3 stocks of renewable energy in 2021

  • Emphasis Energy
  • Emphasis Energy
  • Boralex
  • Iberdrola

1.Emphasis Energy

Enphase Energy is an American energy technology company. The company is a world leader in the manufacture of micro-inverted funnels and intelligent solar technology. Enphase serves both the private market and corporations.

Given the huge infrastructure plan of the Biden administration, the order situation for Enphase should improve significantly again shortly. A not inconsiderable part of the package is intended to promote and expand renewable energy. The forecast is a 73% increase in sales for 2021.

In addition, Enphase has recently had a very strong cash flow. Thus, the company is in a much better position to make significant future investments than its immediate competitors.

Enphase is one of the companies whose share price has fallen since February. However, since last week the price has moved sideways. It would be too early to say whether a reversal is already taking place. However, the company’s positive figures and the economic and political environment form a solid basis for the renewed rise in prices.

In addition, Enphase has an advantage over all other renewable energy stocks. Enphase is the only stock that is consistently in the top 10 of every Clean Energy ETF. As soon as more investors re-enter these indexed funds, the package purchases of the funds will also increase the share price.


Boralex develops and operates renewable power plants in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. The company currently has 88 wind farms, 16 hydroelectric plants, and 10 solar parks. Their total capacity is 2,455 MW. Boralex is currently working on the construction of systems with an additional total capacity of 544 MW.

Boralex will undoubtedly also benefit from increasing investment in renewable energy. Due to its position on both sides of the Atlantic, the company has a particularly large number of opportunities to expand its network of power plants. Sales growth is estimated at 19% for 2021. Profit and dividends are also expected to increase.

Boralex’s stock managed to overcome its negative price trend, which had persisted from the end of January to the middle of March. Since then, the share price has risen again. Since March 25, the price has increased by over 16%.


Iberdrola SA is a Spanish company for the production and distribution of electricity. Of all the major European electricity suppliers, Iberdrola has the largest share of renewable energy. The company has been interested in a makeover for some time and has now explicitly added “green electricity” to its range.

After Iberdrola’s sales in 2020 fell to 33.1 billion euros, analysts look again more optimistic about the future. Annual sales of approximately 37.5 billion euros are expected for 2021.

Waterproof, Clean and Affordable, Why Vinyl Floors Are on the Rise in Singapore

With rising construction costs, homeowners and builders are looking for ways to create the best flooring without breaking the bank. This comes in the form of vinyl, no, not the vinyl you used to play music on, but the high quality material that is quickly becoming popular in so many buildings in Singapore.

Is Vinyl Flooring Kitchen In Singapore A Good Idea?

With a fantastic cost to quality ratio, homes set with vinyl flooring have numerous advantages over over types of flooring. Vinyl is clean and slightly soft, so when accidents occur, not only is your floor protected and safe, but extremely easy to clean.

Vinyl does what other flooring like wood and carpet can’t. Installation is cheap and highly durable and won’t soak up stains like carpet or wood paneling. Vinyl comes in many unique styles and colors, making it perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and living areas. Vinyl comes in two forms, tiles and sheets, and while tiles may eventually allow water in over years and form cracks, vinyl sheets on the other hand do not.

There are various levels of padding that can installed under the sheet to ensure that you can have your floor as firm or as gentle to the touch as you prefer. You could in theory make the living room area be softer when you’re walking, and have firmer vinyl sheets in the kitchen, or possibly any area where you aren’t spending time walking about, such as guest bathrooms and closets. Costs of labor are competitive as well due the the ease of which vinyl tiles and vinyl sheets are placed and installed.

Vinyl is beautiful and due to it’s affordability, it’s ease of installation, many features and is customizable. This pros are creating a big shift away from more archaic flooring styles, and into a new generation for many Singaporeans.