The Era of the New Trader

My friends and I started using Bitcoin Era at the beginning of the year. We had been thinking about getting into bitcoin for a while, but we weren’t really sure how to do it. Once we found out how easy it was, we were mad at ourselves for not jumping in sooner. At the beginning of the year, the price of bitcoin was much lower than it is now. It had been lower than that in previous years, but since my friends and I weren’t doing any trading, we weren’t taking advantage of this. We could have gotten rich by buying bitcoin when the prices were super low, but that moment is gone and there’s nothing we can do about that.

Although we missed the boat on the early investor phase of bitcoin, we were still able to jump into trading at a point where we could make some money because we entered the market before the rise that came over the months. We’ve seen rises in bitcoin prices happen when things like splits happen, but aside from that, it’s not always easy to predict when the price will go up or down. One minute it looks like the price will stay the same, and the next it can make some kind of drastic change.

While my friends and I are eager to make money through bitcoin trading, we don’t just put all of our money into it. Trading is similar to trading in any other market, and we feel that we shouldn’t put more money into trading than we can afford to lose. The money we put in can come and go easily, and if we don’t have limits for ourselves on how much we plan to invest, we could easily see all of our savings go down the drain with bad trades.