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Everyday PLC Uses You Didn’t Know

PLCs or programmable logic controllers are sturdy and durable industrial electronic systems responsible for controlling numerous industrial applications as well as conventional mechanical systems.

The question is, why are they important? Since our society depends on technology, you should know that controlling systems are the essential parts of numerous applications.

Mostly factories and industries are using them, but you can also find a wide array of typical applications as well.

Generally, they are a common part of numerous essential technologies that surround us and that we see daily. We decided to provide you ordinary and everyday mechanical systems that depend on programmable logic controllers.

1. Automatic Car Wash

You have probably used an automated car wash next to numerous gas stations available in your city. Generally, they are efficient because you just have to take a trip inside and follow the guide that will help you with the process.

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You do not have to worry and avoid splashing yourself similarly as do-it-yourself car washes. You can choose different options depending on your money and preferences, which is another essential consideration you should make.

Every single process is carefully controlled and calculated so that you can handle the entire process with ease. We are talking about every single detail, including the amount of soap, gallons of water as well as the length of time required for the particular cleansing option.

Remember that the services that are highly convenient and will reduce the hassle of doing it yourself operate by the programmable logic controller.

It requires a small amount of human interaction because you just have to choose the preset and press the button, which is the form of input for the controller.

2. Road Traffic Signals

One of the most crucial parts of our lives is traffic signals, especially in metropolitan and urban areas. We are talking about colored streetlights that people from all across the globe can understand with ease.

Generally, it is ingenious as well as the convenient application of programmable logic controllers in every city across the globe.

Their first application entered the world back in the mid-30s in London. Even though we take them as everyday things that exist around us, currently, they depend on both PLC’s software and hardware with an idea to operate all the time.

You have probably noticed that during the low traffic periods, the situation is entirely different compared with the rush hours. At the same time, if someone presses the button to cross the intersection that will affect the flow of vehicles.

Since the PLCs come with circuits, sensors, and transponders to control the traffic light, the lights change depending on the traffic density with an idea to avoid congestions for a long time. The smart system affects your daily life in general.

3. Automatic Doors

The next important consideration when it comes to common PLC application includes using automatic doors that are opening like on Star Trek TV show.

You can rest assured because due to PLC controls that feature built-in sensors on both sides, you will not be hit by the swinging door as before.

At the same time, they function as the form of detector, which makes them highly convenient and efficient. Generally, when you break the beam of light, the system will identify something between them, which will enable them to close until you move it.

4. The Elevator

We can all agree that elevators became vital parts of our existence, especially if we live on the twentieth floor. At the same time, technology is continuously expanding and changing, which is the main reason why we are talking right now about it.

Generally, in every multi-floor building, you can find a working elevator. You probably remember the times when the elevator door opens, and you step inside to see that it is heading in the wrong direction.

You probably thought about how they operate in the first place and what makes them tick.

The answer is right in front of you because each elevator nowadays comes with a proper programmable logic controller that detects the different requests while maintaining the right direction based on your input.

These programs use ladder logic programming languages that are implemented inside the PLC that controls it. They are not inside the elevators but on the particular location, including the standby room or the roof of the building depending on where you live.

Some people believe that summoning an elevator to the floor requires it to stop working so that you can do it. Back in the day, they did not come with the ability to memorize the floor, which meant that you had to wait for someone to finish using it.

Nowadays, things are different because PLCs are controlling them, which will provide you a convenience to call it and wait for it to come without any additional hassle.

It will create a decision depending on the closest floor and pick someone up beforehand, which is much more convenient for both sides.

5. Roller Coasters

Yes, the amusement parks and moments when you are hanging upside down for the most exciting millisecond of your life. You probably did not know that the primary way for the roller coaster to operate is with programmable logic controller or PLC.

In most cases, PLC control is handling the overall process, especially when it comes to bringing it upwards because each drop comes without a controller and by following the gravity. It is also an important addition for safety so that cars could avoid going reverse or changing direction.

6. Conveyor Belts

When you decide to enter your closest supermarket, the conveyer belt will move your purchase depending on the cashier. Without PLC, no one will be able to control the belt, which means that checking out would be far from convenient.

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On the other hand, the significant conveyor belts that you can find in airports so that people could transport their luggage and wait for it depends on PLCs.

They are a common solution for numerous markets, especially since they are convenient and will reduce the hassle of doing things by yourself.