Questions Dog Owners Should Ask Before They Buy CBD for Pets

To a dog owner, nothing is more important than the health of their furry companion. When a dog suffers from anxiety or pain, it’s important to choose an appropriate and safe product. With so many CBD and hemp products out there, it’s difficult to make the right choice. Below, dog owners will learn which questions to ask when they Buy CBD For Pets.

Has the Product Been Independently Tested?

Just because a website, a commercial, or a label makes claims for a certain product doesn’t mean the results are unbiased, accurate, or verifiable. When choosing a CBD product, check to see if it’s been subjected to third-party testing in a laboratory.

Have Safety Studies Been Done?

In addition to its effectiveness for pain and anxiety relief, a dog CBD product should be tested for safety. A pharmacokinetic study will determine dosing amount and frequency. It’s important to ask if a product has been tested for safety before giving it to a dog.

Is Support Available?

It’s naïve for a CBD product manufacturer to assume that its relationship with the dog owner ends with a purchase. These products are new to the market, and with dog owners caring more about their pets, concerns and questions will surely arise. Choose a product that’s backed by knowledgeable support staff, as it will help the owner feel good about their selection.

Choose Wisely

Keep in mind that all CBD and hemp isn’t created equal. There may be ten different bottles of CBD oil, each with different effects. That’s where information sharing, testing, and support come in. Preparing CBD oil for dogs isn’t just about filling bottles and applying labels; it’s about finding the right strains and testing products for effectiveness and safety.

All pet owners hate to see their animals suffering, and most will do anything they can to make them feel better. By keeping these questions in mind when choosing a CBD product for dogs, it’s easier to make an informed decision. In the end, a dog owner must feel comfortable giving a product to their pet, and asking these questions can guide them in the right direction.