4 Things to Look For in an Event Caterer

It’s quite overwhelming to plan a fundraiser, board meeting, or company party. Where does the process begin, and how can a planner guarantee a praiseworthy experience? With numerous details to think of, choosing the right caterer should be one of the last concerns. Here, party planners will learn what to look for in a caterer.

Good Listening Skills

Because there are so many details involved in large-scale event planning, it’s important to choose a comprehensive caterer who listens. Board members, high-profile clients, and other guests are usually very specific in their needs and preferences, and it’s important to choose a caterer who can execute those details professionally. With great food and impeccable service, the event will surely be a success.


Business leaders are very busy people, and meetings are common. Although drinks and food are often served, these meetings have a higher purpose. Look for caterers who prioritize efficiency while respecting guests’ time. An easy way to do this is with a two-sided buffet, which cuts down on guests’ wait times.

Professional Service

Choose a caterer with high client service standards. During presentations and awards shows, can the caterer be counted on to offer quiet, unobtrusive service? The event’s timeline largely determines its management, and a caterer will be able to help in that regard.

Décor and Linens

While it’s important to impress VIPs with great drinks and food, an event’s décor is a crucial part of its aesthetic. Look for a caterer who has the industry experience to help clients find the right vendors and décor. The more experience and connections a caterer has, the more successful the event will be. When caterers can recommend lighting, floral, and entertainment vendors, there’s less legwork to do.

Call Today to Request Additional Information

No matter whether it’s a large event or a more intimate celebration, planning a corporate get-together isn’t always the easiest thing to do. However, with the right caterer, the process becomes easier. Visit the website to learn more about catering services by Select Catering or call today to request a meeting with an event planning and catering specialist.